Home Learning Policy

As of the 22nd October 2020 it became law that all schools must provide remote learning to support pupils in the event of having to self-isolate, in relation to Coronavirus.

Here at Hollyfield Primary School we have the resources and tools to provide this and we have written a ‘Home Learning Policy’ to enable this to happen. Within this policy there are sections detailing the responsibilities of all stakeholders at school including staff, pupils and parents. This policy can be accessed on our school website, by clicking on the ‘About’ tab and selecting ‘Polices’ from the drop-down menu, by clicking the "Coronavirus Updates" tab on the school website or by copying and pasting this link into your browser.

We would ask all parents and pupils to take the time to read the appropriate sections of this policy as this model of remote Home Learning will only succeed if we all work together.

The last bullet point in the ‘Pupils and Parents’ section of the policy states that parents must:

“Ensure their child’s learning device is in a public space in the home with an adult present in the room.”

This is to ensure your child is safeguarded at all times.

We would ask all parents to sign this agreement as an indication that they are willing to engage in our Home Learning model.

Having read the policy, we would ask parents to sign the agreement below and return to school by Tuesday 5th January 2021.

Many thanks for your on-going support.