Virtual Worry Box

Do you ever feel like you have no one to talk to? Does your tummy have a funny feeling? Do you feel hot and your head aches?

You may have a worry that you’d like some help with. Worries can make you feel sad, lonely, worried or nervous and these feelings can happen to anyone at any time!

We want to help you with any worries you have, so please talk to us through the worry box!


From today children can share their worries with an adult in school by completing the online form. This is an opportunity for all pupils to share their concerns and worries in a safe and secure way. Worries will be sent to Mrs Cooper-Jones and Mrs Glass, who will support and encourage your child to talk through their worries. This is a great way to develop good emotional literacy while supporting the growth of resilience and personal wellbeing.

At Hollyfield, we use a range of strategies, resources and sources of support to help our children to develop their emotional literacy, explore their emotional difficulties and/or feelings. To support this, all classes have a chill out box and quiet area. This allows all children access to a resource within their classroom to help them to self-regulate or calm down.

In order to try to help you, we may write and keep some notes and we may share your worry with other trusted adults. This means that we may share your worry with the people at the school that keep you safe or have responsibility for keeping you safe at home.

Click here to access the Worry Box form, or scan the QR code below.


Please note that information shared in here will be used in line with the school Safeguarding policies to keep children safe in our education.

This E-worry box is for use by pupils, parents and carers that attend Hollyfield Primary School and supports our approach to Safeguarding.

Please use the E-Worry Box responsibly- Misuse of this facility will be monitored with appropriate action taken if necessary.