Governors are all volunteers and most have jobs elsewhere. One of the major benefits is that governors are able to bring experience and expertise from different walks of life into the school. This can help the school take a more creative and strategic approach to management, problem solving and long-term planning. The current Governing Board includes governors with experience in management, financial services, building, information technology, health and safety and primary education.

The Governing Body

All Governors, except the Head teacher serve a four-year term, at the end of which they can stand for re-election or appointment. Hollyfield Primary School Governing Board is currently made up of:

    • 3 Parent Governors – elected by parents of pupils at the school
    • 1 LA Governor – appointed by Birmingham City Council for the Local Authority
    • 1 Staff Governor - elected by the staff at the school
    • 1 Head teacher
    • 2 Foundation Governors – volunteers from the wider community appointed by the Governing Board
    • 7 Co-opted Governors – appointed by the Governing Board (including parents, staff and volunteers from the local community)

The Chair of Governors is elected by the full Governing Board at its first meeting of each school year. The current Chair of Governors is Mrs. Gill Shilton.

The Governing Board does not run the school. That is the job of the Head teacher and senior management team. We take a more strategic overview of how the school is run, and as a ‘critical friend’ act as an invaluable sounding board. Ofsted view our effectiveness in how we challenge and support the school so that weaknesses can be tackled decisively and statutory responsibilities met.

Some aspects of our role are laid down in law. We approve the school budget as well as targets for attainment and various policies. Any decisions made by the school to permanently exclude a pupil, has to be reviewed by an independent panel. The full Governing Board meets twice a term, but much of the ‘ground work’ of the governors is carried out by its three principal committees:

    • People & Finance
    • Standards & Achievement
    • Premises & Health and Safety

People & Finance

People and Finance committee focuses on the budget and the implications this will have on resources, especially staffing of the school, and repair of school buildings, as recommended by the Premises Committee. We also plan for the future by looking at the ‘pupils on role’ forecast and of course attendance, which impacts significantly on learning.

Standards & Achievement

Standards and Achievement committee reviews the progress and achievement of pupils on a regular basis. We ensure development and delivery of the curriculum at Hollyfield meets all statutory obligations and that policies reflect current practice. ‘Walk-abouts’ and talking to pupils allow us as Governors to view at first-hand the impact on learning within the classrooms. Governors are particularly excited at the prospect of implementing a more creative curriculum.

Premises & Health and Safety

Premises & Health & Safety focuses on the day to day use of the school site and in particular the buildings, ensuring all remain safe. This committee works closely with the Building Site Manager highlighting issues before they become major concerns. This committee prioritise any maintenance and repair work required forwarding their recommendations to the Governing Board.

Governor Attendance

We must publish a summary of attendance for the governing body meetings.  You can view the summary here

Governor Register of Interests

You can view a list of interests that our governors have by clicking this link.  We publish information about each of our governors in the interests of transparency.

Contact the Governors...

Should you wish to contact the Governing Body you can do so via the school office or by clicking here: