Parent Association

Welcome to the Hollyfield Primary School Parents Association page

What is the PA and what do you do?

The PA is a group of parents who volunteer their time to raise money to benefit the school and ensure the best educational experience for all pupils.

We take pride in ensuring the children have fun when raising money for the school. Each year we plan and host a range of events such as: Summer and Christmas fair, Spring, Halloween and Summer discos, Year 6 leavers festival, Christmas presents for each pupil, pantomimes, Christmas play photos, Christmas cards and much more. All of which would not be possible without volunteers.

When do the PA meet?

We have a main committee who meet once a quarter to discuss events. We also have a volunteer group who help out at events.

What have the PA funded in the past?

Your donations have helped us to buy a full sound and lighting system for the hall, a pizza over outside in Pauls Place, bookshelves for every classroom, multiple books, to run every event, along with many other educational items for the children.

What is the PA fundraising for this year?

We are fundraising for two reading sheds for KS1 and KS2 playgrounds. These will be a place for children to go at lunch and break times to sit and read. The will also be used for teachers to take groups of children for their teaching.

We are also fundraising for a trim trail to put on the field for all children in the school to use.

How can you help?

The PA is more than just attending the events to raise money. Please don’t think because you work full time or have a young child that you can’t help, you can. Some of our volunteers work full time and me personally have recently had a new baby and was back helping out after three weeks as I know how important the events are to the children.

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Shop & Raise Money


You can visit - then simply search for the retailer you want to shop with and click out to them using the green 'Go Shopping' button. They will take you straight to the retailers website and your experience will be identical as if you had gone there directly but your purchases will be tracked and a percentage donated to Hollyfield Primary School.