Admissions Process

Starting school is an important step in the life of a child therefore we aim to try and make it a pleasurable and happy one.

School admissions are controlled by Birmingham Local Authority and we advise parents to contact the LA with regards to admissions.  Details of admission arrangements and relevant application dates can be found here.

The school can admit up to sixty children in any year group. This figure is reviewed annually by the governors.

If a child is four years old on or before 3lst. August, then he/she may start school in the September of the same year.

In the event of being oversubscribed; i.e. an excess of 60 children, then the allocation of places is made in accordance with the Local Education Authority’s published criteria for admissions.

The criteria are as follow:

  1. Looked after or previously looked after children.
  2. Children with brothers or sisters already at school who will still be at Hollyfield Primary when they start school themselves.
  3. Children who live nearest to the school by straight line measurement.

The final date for registration is set by the LEA, please check the website for the current year’s dates.

Offers of places in other year groups are made to children on the waiting list as places become available and in the order of distance from school according to the criteria above.

The arrangements for children who transfer from another school to Hollyfield Primary are as follows:

  1. Parents and child(ren) have an opportunity to view the school at work by making an appointment with the Head Teacher.
  2. Once the decision to transfer to Hollyfield Primary has been made, a start date for the child(ren) will be established. Details of the previous school will be taken so that records can be passed on.
  3. To assist with a child’s transfer, a small group of children in the same year group will be nominated to help them in their new school.

In the event of a year group being full, i.e. 60 children, the school is unable to allocate further places however parents may add their child’s name to a waiting list for future vacancies. Please note that waiting lists are only maintained for the current academic year.  Parents will need to submit a new application in September each year in order to remain on the waiting list.  Any places will be allocated according to the usual criteria from the Admissions and Appeals Section in the Education Department.  Full details of the school’s admission arrangements can be found in our admissions policy by clicking here

The contact number for Admissions & Appeals is Tel: 0121 303 1888


Children with disabilities are admitted following an assessment of their needs.  All children should have access to the curriculum to the maximum degree.