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Litter pickers

Since the Eco-council performed their play in assembly last week the ‘Lunchtime Litter Pickers’ have been out in force, collecting trash that has been dropped, or blown from children’s pockets. This rubbish not only looks unsightly but also damages our environment and kills our wildlife. Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far, […]

The Water Bar is a huge success!

The Water Bar at Hollyfield today was a huge success with a long queue stretching across the playground. We charged 10p for a cup of refreshing fruit flavoured water raising money for WaterAid, a charity who provide wells and sanitation for poor people across the globe. The Eco-Council ran the Water Bar themselves wonderfully, serving customers, […]

Wednesday lunchtime Water Bar is open

Eco-council had a productive meeting planning next week’s KS2 ‘Water Bar’ in aid of the Water Aid charity. On Wednesday lunchtime the Eco-council will be selling flavoured water for 10p a cup, encouraging children to drink more water instead of sugary alternative drinks, and raising money for a super charity that provides clean safe drinking […]

Bird Box

We are delighted to announce that our Eco Council have purchased a birdbox that also houses a camera.  We are streaming the images from the birdbox onto YouTube for all to see.  We are hoping that as we near springtime we will have some new residents on site.  Keep checking here to see the footage.

Eco Council presents the Green Fashion Show

Wow! I am so proud of the way the Eco-council organised and ran the Green Fashion show today, you are all AMAZING! In addition, the costumes that the children produced, using only junk, were so creative and imaginative. Well done children (and any grown ups that helped!). The lucky winners received a sunflower growing kit […]

RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch in rectory Park

Today we took part in the RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch in rectory Park, counting and recording the different bird species we saw in Rectory Park. Although it was very chilly, we saw lots of different species, even a Heron! Well done Eco-Council, I was very proud of you today! Here are our results: 10x Blackbirds […]